David Remucal

Curator of Endangered Plants & Program Director

Contact: remucald@umn.edu


Ph.D. University of Colorado, Environmental, Population and Organismic Biology 2001

B.A. Carleton College, Biology 1993

Research Interests

Ex-situ conservation, rare plant conservation, conservation horticulture, seed longevity, and storage.

Selected Publications

  • Vozniachuk I.P., Remucal D.J., Vlasava N.B., Skuratovich A.N., Yukhimuk A.N., Malysza J., Monterusso M., Vozniachuk N.L., Moe P. Integrative ecological and genetic monitoring of cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus L.) populations on the southern border of the European and North American area (in Belarus and Minnesota). Submitted.
  • Remucal, D.J. 2016 Endangered species conservation at public gardens: Minnesota Landscape Arboretum highlighting ex situ. Vestsі Natsyyanalnay Akademіі Navuka Belarusi. 99-101; Miller D, Remucal D 2016 Conservation and utilization of buffalograss (Bouteloua dactyloides) in Minnesota. Vestsі Natsyyanalnay Akademіі Navuka Belarusi. 96-98
  • Remucal D 2015 Developing Ex Situ Conservation of Orchids. Conference proceedings. International Seminar “Strategies and Techniques of Botanical Gardens on the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity of the Natural Flora – III”. Minsk, Belarus


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