Tuberous Indian Plantain

Arnoglossum plantagineum

Tuberous indian plantain is a native perennial that can reach 2-5 feet tall. This plant has been listed as state-threatened by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) since 1984. Population decline has been observed due to the development and destruction of suitable habitat.

Following story is summarized from the DNR’s 2015 Winter Nature Notes:

On September 9, 2018 the Minnesota DNR, working with the Plant Conservation Program, transplanted 147 Tuberous Indian Plantain to Kasota Prairie Scientific and Natural Area and 76 plants to Minneopa State Park with the help of volunteers and the Minnesota Conservation Corps. Plants were moved in an effort to salvage a large population of these plants displaced by expanding development. Transplanting of native vegetation is attempted infrequently due to the complex interactions between plants and their local environments. This salvage project serves partly as an experiment to better understand how to transplant this rare species between locations. These newly established plants will continue to be monitored over the coming years.

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Arnoglossum plantagineum inflorescence

Arnoglossum plantagineum surveys