The Plant Conservation Program is dedicated to protection and conservation of rare species of the upper Midwest and native orchids of Minnesota through research, seed banking, restoration, and reintroduction. Our team works to identify key species and populations and develop both in situ and ex situ conservation strategies to benefit these plants. Strategies often include:

  • Outreach and education to landowners
  • Seed collection for long-term storage
  • Off-site propagation for research and reintroduction
  • Population monitoring
  • Habitat restoration


Our Mission

Protect regional native and rare plants by creating a solid knowledge-base of techniques, making available staff expertise and developing infrastructure to both conserve and produce needed biodiversity in plants.

Effect change in the region by education about the science of our conservation efforts and the value of our native plants.

Collect and curate diverse genetic material from across the region for restoration, research and long-term preservation of rare and native plants.